Picture Name Cost Unlocks Army Type Requirements Units Unlock
010school Wizard School 6000 Unlocks More Elves Level 14

Elven Evoker

Elven Spellsword

Elven Knightcaster

010temple Temple 6000 Unlocks More Humans Level 15

Human Cleric

Human Defender

Human Knight Templar

010barracks Barracks 6000 Unlocks More Minotaurs Level 20

Minotaur Swashbuckler

Minotaur Ranger

Minotaur Knight

050library Arcane Library 60000 Unlocks More Elves

Requires Wizard School

Level 35

Elven Bladesinger

Elven Battlemage

050cathedral Cathedral 60000 Unlock More Humans

Requires Temple

Level 40

Human Crusader

Human Paladin

050fort Fortress 60000 Unlock More Minotaurs

Requires Barracks

Level 40

Minotaur Battlemaster

Minotaur Warlord

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