You're under its gaze
Think you are above its rule?
Get over yourself

life 700000
power 450
damage 50
protection 50

Amount Tier Chance Name Type Alchemy-able Damage Protection Bonus
1Overseerhelm Legendary 1% Overseer Helm Equipment (Avatar Helmet) no 0 23 +75 power
1Overseermace Legendary 1% Overseer Mace Equipment (Weapon) Upgradable (x45 Gold raid badges) 55 0 +50 Power
1Overseereye Epic 5% Overseer Eye Ingredient yes 0 0 none
1Overseershield Epic 5% Overseer Shield Equipment (Shield) Upgradable (x45 Gold raid badges) 0 22 +45 Life
1050fortunecharm Rare 20% Charm of Good Fortune Equipment (Tailisman) no 0 9 none
1Deathrune Rare 20% Death Rune Equipment (Rune) no 22 0 +15 Power
1Overseerblood Rare 20% Overseer Blood Ingredient yes none none none
1049ebonygreataxe Uncommon 74% Ebony Greataxe Equipment (Weapon) no 21 0 none
1046ebonylongsword Uncommon 74% Ebony Longsword Equipment (Weapon) no 20 0 none
1047bronzescale Uncommon 74% Bronze Scale Equipment (Armor) no 0 9 none

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