In your player profile, you can examine your champions stats and distribute available skill point, examine your army, and equipment for your army.


This is your champion's power, the effects of this are relative the the opponents power.


This is your champion's life, your life is just that, in any type of battle if it runs out you lose.


Your energy determins how many Quests/Raids you can do. Every Quest has a certain amount of energy you must spend in order to achieve it. In this same fashion in every Raid you can either do an attack-5 energy, strong attack-20 energy, ultimate attack(if the gauge has been filled)-5 energy, or cast spells which require a certain amount of energy each apart from mana.


Your stamina determines how many opposing champions you can invade. Starting off it will only take 2 stamina per battle in order to invade someone but as your army grows in numbers this number will change to 3 and even 4 stamina per battle.


Damage is another tricky stat like power, this one is part of a multiplier system in which it is matched up against your opponents protection in order to determine said multiplier. Damage can only be gained from champ equipment or personal advisors.


Same as above protections is matched up against your opponents damage in order to determine multiplier for your opponent. Protection can only be gained from champ equipment or personal advisors.


Your chc or critical hit chance is the likelyhood of you scoring a critical hit. Critical hit is another multiplier but a much more simple one, this is either 1- no critical hit or 2- critical hit. Chc can only be gained from champ equipment.

Army Bonuses

Army bonuses can come from army advisors, or champ equipment that has all army units stats. So far these have only included life, protection, damage, and power. There is a champion off-hand weapon that will add 2% crit to your army.

Discussion about champion creator.







Storm Witch


Head, Weapon, Offhand, Shoulders and Chest.


Shirts, Pants, Gloves and Boots.


Skin, Eyes, Mouth, Nose and Hair.

Strategy GuidanceEdit

Discussion on strategic champion builds etc.

Be sure to put all of your champion's stat points into stamina so that you can battle lots and lots.  DO NOT DO THIS WORST THING YOU CAN DO IN THE GAME!




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