Indroduction to QuestingEdit

Quest Book

Questing in Age of Champions is a great way to explore the lore and history of Thrane while amassing vast amounts gold and experience.


Tutorial Chapter 1 - QuestingEdit

Chapter 1 introduces questing basics, including quest battles.

Goblin AmbushesEdit

Complete x 2

Striding through the Badlands, you head down the road towards the Baron's castle. You seek his support as you'll soon make a bid for the Emperor's throne due to his recent death. It's oddly quiet in the forest, and you have the uncanny feeling that you're being watched. Suddenly, a gutteral voice roars from nowhere and dozens of Goblins come rushing out of the woods. Barely getting enough time to pull out your weapon, you try to defend yourself.

Requires: 3 Energy

Reward: 6 Experience

Sir Chartan's Offer The news of your victory over the goblins spreads quickly, and you are approached by one of the nobles of the area. "Well done! Your skill and cleverness in being able to capture this threat has not gone unnoticed, Lucifer. I am Sir Chartan, one of the Lords of the Badlands. We've learned that these creatures have been reporting to a coven of goblin witches in the mountains. Would you be willing to lead your forces to seek out this coven?" Goblin Ambushes: Completed Cleaning green entrails from your blade, you observe the surviving goblins running away to the nearest town.

Psychic WormsEdit

Complete x 5 Reaching the village, you're shocked to see the horrific scene before you. The villagers are running in a panic as the worms jump and latch themselves on the backs of their skulls. You grab your weapon and run to save the village from the infestation.

Requires: 4 Energy

Reward: 8 Experience, 500 to 1000 Gold

Psychic Worms: Completed With the last of the worms disposed of, the townspeople cheer in gratitude. As they were congratulating and thanking you, you ask where the worms and Goblins came from. The townspeople fell silent and one villager revealed quietly that the infiltrators came from the Baron's own castle! Sir Chartan's Messenger A well outfitted knight rides into town. He promptly jumps off his horse and asks if the town was attacked. When the townspeople explain that they were and you saved them, he asks for your name. When you answer, he introduces himself as Sir Charton, a knight in service to the Baron. He explains he was to meet you when you entered the Badlands and escort you to the castle. He grew pale to hear the Goblins came from the castle. Looking towards you, Sir Charton asks you to assist him in reclaiming the castle. You agree, with a little hesitation, for you feel as if there is more to this.

Baron's CastleEdit

Arriving at the castle, both of you are shocked. Sir Charton is dismayed at the Goblins chanting in unison, "Good Lord Xaxom! Good Lord Xaxom! Good Lord Xaxom!" You, however, are staring at the Portal to the Blue just over head! You give Charton a curt nod and the both of you run, weapons blazing, into the castle, determined to find the Barron and get some answers.

Requires: 5 Energy

Reward: 31 Experience, 1000 to 1500 Gold

Baron's Castle: Completed You found the Baron! He is hurt, but not mortally. He looks relieved that you and Charton were able to get past the Goblins.

The Crystal DredgeEdit

Reaching the dredges, you gaze out at the Minotaur workers slowly bashing away at the enormous chain leading towards the portal. The portal resembles a raging storm at sea, intensifying every time the chain is hit. You look closer at the Minotaurs and see that they have those disgusting worms attached to their heads! You must stop them before the chain snaps causing the entire dredge to collapse!

Requires: 5 Energy

Reward: 40 Experience, 1500 to 2000 Gold

The Crystal Dredge: Completed Repairing the chain was difficult and you've managed to save both the miners and the dredge that would have been lost to the Blue. One of the Minotaurs spots the large ogre, Lord Xaxom, running away from the castle!

Lord XaxomEdit

Boss fight:Lord Xaxom Xaxom didn't get far, and stopped his retreat when he saw he couldn't outrun you. He is an abomination. There are obvious signs of decay on his face and chest. His entire body looks like it was only kept together by the steam machinery he kept on his back. He grunts at you, pledging to kill you, in the witch's name! You point your weapon at the monster as he charges, determined that he will meet his end today.

Requires: 5 Energy

Reward: 50 Experience, Lord Xaxum's Maul 0 / 0 / 10 / 0 / 0

Lord Xaxom: Completed The day is now night as you stand above the beaten body that was Xaxom. With a quick downward motion, you end his existence as he lets out one last bloody scream. Now with the battle over, all your energy leaves you as you feel your knees touch the ground in exhaustion. Xaxom smells even worse dead. The only reason you were able to get back to the Baron's castle was Sir Charton, offering you his assistance back to the castle. Victory! Back at the castle, you ask the Baron how he managed to get a portal to the Blue. The portal seemed dangerous and you distinctly remember the Minotaurs working near it were somehow affected. The Baron explains that he had made a deal with a passing woman who offered to erect it for a large sum of gold. He said her name was Azariel. The Baron says the witch left for the east. She left for the Cinderscarred Vale on the way to Ushura. As a sign of good faith, he orders Sir Charton to assist you for the duration of your trip.

Tutorial Chapter 2 - Gather Your ArmyEdit

Chapter 2 introduces training and equipping army units, and gives you the opportunity to undertake some fighting practice.

Train HumansEdit

An opposing army can contain Elven soldiers. Train Human Acolytes to counter their advantage.

Requires: 5 Energy, 13 x Human Acoylates

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Human Acoylates from the Army / Humans tab.

Train Humans: Completed Humans generally have a lot of health and can last longer in battle compared to other troops. They can withstand the incredible damage Elves can dish out. Human soldiers are well-balanced overall. They have a leadership advantage over Elves, but are weak to Minotaur power.

Train ElvesEdit

An opposing army can contain Minotaur soldiers. Train Elven Initiates to counter their advantage.

Requires: 5 Energy, 5 x Elven Initiates

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Elven Initiates from the Army / Elves tab.

Train Elves: Completed Elves can pack a punch and have a high chance of performing a Critical Hit which deals double damage. An army of Elves can cut an army of Minotaurs to shreds. Elven soldiers are very skillful and swift. They can defeat Minotaurs by speed, but are weak to the leadership Humans hold.

Train MinotaursEdit

An opposing army can contain Human soldiers.Train Minotaur Footsoldiers to counter their advantage.

Requires: 5 Energy, 5 x Minotaur Footsoldiers

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Minotaur Footsoldiers from the Army / Minotaurs tab.

Train Minotaurs: Completed Minotaurs have a natural battle prowess giving them an upper hand in combat. Armor and Health are no obstacle making Humans a primary target. Minotaur soldiers are powerful warriors. They can overtake Human soldiers by force but are weak to disciplined Elves.

Test Your SoldiersEdit

Now that you have a small force of soldiers, test their skill against friendly local militia.

Requires: 5 Energy

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Test your Soldiers: Completed The local militia congratulate you on your victory. They offer to help train your soldiers anytime. Just as long as you let them catch their breaths. Head to the Army Page to hire additional units to strengthen your army!

Train WeaponryEdit

Weapons can give your soldiers a boost to their Power and sometimes Damage.

Requires: 5 Energy, 5 x Bronze Shortswords

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Bronze Shortswords from the Supplies / Weapon tab.

Train Weaponry: Completed When an opposing army seems to be packing a lot of Protection and Health, stock up on weapons to cut through the lines. Make sure that each soldiers is equipped with a weapon to increase your damage.

Train Parrying Equipping your soldiers with offhand equipment provides Protection bonuses.

Requires: 5 Energy, 5 x Wooden Bucklers

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Wooden Bucklers from the Supplies / Off-hand tab.

Train Parrying: Completed Shields and other Offhand equipment offer large amounts of Protection should an opposing army deal a lot of damage. Make sure that each soldiers is equipped with an offhand to increase your protection.

Train Wearing ArmourEdit

Armor provides your soldiers with bonuses to Protection and Life.

Requires: 5 Energy, 5 x Leather Armour

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Purchase 5 Leather Armour from the Supplies / Armour tab.

Train Wearing Armor: Completed Armor is the primary line of defense offering both Protection and sometimes Life. If you find your soldiers dying quickly, invest in gathering armor. Make sure that each soldiers is equipped with armor to increase your protection.

Train Fighting ProwessEdit

With your soldiers equipped, try fighting the militia in their equipment.

Requires: 5 Energy

Reward: 25 Experience, 1000 to 2000 Gold

Test Fighting Prowess: Completed The local militia congratulate you on your victory. They offer to help train your soldiers anytime. Just as long as you let them catch their breaths. Head to the Forge to purchases more equipment for your army!

Tutorial Chapter 3 - CraftingEdit

Chapter 2 introduces Alchemy, Ingredients and Crafting. Crafting equipment can give you an upper hand on the battlefield. These custom tools are more powerful than storebought equipment. Some Alchemy Recipes require ingredients that you can only get from Gifts sents by your Friends. Asking for help is the only way to get these precious ingredients.

Craft a Poisoned BladeEdit

Get one of each ingredient from above (Ore, Nightshade, and Iron Sword Shards), and go to the Alchemy page to craft a Poisoned Blade.

Mine for OreEdit

Scattered amid the volcanic region are veins of valuable ores. If you desired, you could pause in the Cinderscarred Vale for a time and mine some of these valuable commodities.

Requires: 10 Energy

Reward: 8 Experience, Iron Ore, 30% chance for a special Ore or Wood

Mine for Ore: Completed You find a vein of ore. It takes time, but you manage to gather valuable minerals

Collect NightshadeEdit

This forest is known for containing rare, powerful plants. Search the forest and you might find something useful.

Requires: 10 Energy

Reward: 9 Experience, Nightshade, 30% chance for a special Plant

Collect Nightshade: Completed You spend some time searching the forest. Remain determined, and surely you will find what you are looking for.

Get Iron Sword Shards In some villages, locals will be happy to give you spare parts to aid you on your journey.

Requires: 10 Energy

Reward: 7 Experience, Iron Sword Shards, 30% chance for a special Ingredient

Get Iron Sword Shards: Completed Scattered throughout the lands are lost and forgotten pieces of machines, and anything else from long ago. These can be refurbished into new and useful equipment.

Alchemy (Go Craft)Edit

Poisoned Blade is the first recipe available on the Alchemy page.

It requires 1 x Iron Ore, 1 x Nightshade, and 1 x Iron Sword Shards

It creates Poisoned Blade 2 / 0 / 8 / 0 / 0

Craft Item - You've successfully crafted Poisoned Blade!

Tutoral - Extra QuestsEdit

Dread RavensEdit

Complete x 10

Avatars of ill omen, a murder of mysterious ravens descends on the fields of a village in the Badlands, destroying crops and attacking farmers and their families. Requires: 1 Energy

Rewards: 1 Experience


Complete x 10

Passing from village to village like a plague, a wave of horrible nightmares spreads among the populace. These dreams emanate from a supernatural source, a sorcerous accident that occurred in ancient times among the Thrane Empire. The only antidote to this terrifying disease is the curative power of magical white sage.

Requires: 8 Energy

Rewards: 8 Experience, 500 to 770 Gold

Dreamplague: Completed The people in that village can sleep easy now, thanks to you. They are glad to offer what money they have as thanks.

Downed AirshipEdit

Complete x 10

The fortunate travel the vast expanse of the Badlands in the sky on gas-filled airships with steam motors. However, these craft are not infallible. The site of an airship crash has injured survivors who need your help. Fortunately, you know that the herb ginseng makes a great curative.

Requires: 15 Energy, 1 x Ginseng

Rewards: 12 Experience, 50 to 135 Gold

The Minotaur NomadsEdit

Complete x 10

Forever altered by the prolonged exposure of the strange energies of the realm known only as the Blue, the minotaurs sometimes band together in small groups and wander across the Verge. Most avoid these nomads, but perhaps you can find allies among them.

Requires: 9 Energy

Rewards: 7 Experience, 20% chance for a special Equipment

Hunt within the MistEdit

Complete x 10

When crystals are dredged out of the mystic realm called the Blue, a strange mist seeps into this world. The mist hides otherworldly dangers and wonders. Will you brave the unknown to see what you can find? You may come across some useful Immortal Mana along the way.

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 10 Experience, 15% chance for a special Ingredient

Hunt within the Mist: Completed You survive an excursion into the mysteries of the blue mist. You have some tales to share in the tavern tonight, that's for sure! You can continue to search for Immortal Mana.

Seek Out a RuinEdit

Complete x 10

The skeletal remains of ancient towers and broken domes mark the site of a Thrane ruin in the wilds of the Badlands. The Thrane once mastered this realm with sorcery, and their forgotten cities and time-lost citadels still contain prized lore beyond the ken of today's mages.

Requires: 17 Energy

Rewards: 14 Experience, 25% chance for a special Equipment

Steam EngineEdit

Complete x 10

Thanks to the efforts of the Immortal known as Galvin, father of steam technology, many towns on the Badlands use steam engines to power mills and other needed devices. Unfortunately, these machines are prone to breaking down. Give the locals a hand repairing their engine.

Requires: 5 Energy

Rewards: 5 Experience, 220 to 330 Gold

Steam Engine: Completed You manage to rig together some repairs on the engine. In gratitude, the townsfolk give you some gold.


Chapter 1 - The Cinderscarred ValleyEdit

Descent into the ValleyEdit

Gazing out over Cinderscar, it is true to its name. Lava lakes are spewing everywhere and noxious smoke pollutes the very air you breathe. It looks as if hell rose to earth! You march forward to the overheated valley.

Requires: 11 Energy

Rewards: 12 Experience

Fire WolvesEdit

Unwilling to submit to the strange dream, you progress through the oven like atmosphere of the valley, until you hear sounds of battle just ahead. Running over you're shocked to see lava elves in conflict with the large molten wolves of fire! They look to be losing as one steals a glance at you, crying in desperation for help! You order your men to ready their weapons and rush into battle.

Requires: 12 Energy

Rewards: 14 Experience

Fire Wolves: Completed Sending the wolves away, you manage to save the Lava elves that were at death's door. Perhaps they can explain what's going on?


The large volcano that lay prominent and still in Cinderscar has suddenly erupted, spewing hot magma everywhere. Follow the lava elves to shelter or else both you and your army will be incinerated by the heat and fire!

Requires: 15 Energy

Rewards: 17 Experience

Lavastorm!: Completed With the assistance of Caerdon and the other elves, you and your army have been saved. As both of your forces share the shelter from the fiery skies, you give thanks to Caerdon, who only smiles, saying that the both of you are now even.

Gerrulas, Fire Wolf LordEdit

The firestorm had awakened something. The earth cracks and fire oozes from the ground. Large canine jaws emerge, following a large canine head and body. It looks like another fire wolf, only larger and more vicious. It bares its teeth at you and speaks, "...You've upset Orrugan...I'll rip you to shreds!" Caerdon and Sir Charton both pull out their weapons as you do the same.

Requires: 14 Energy

Rewards: 19 Experience

Gerrulas, Fire Wolf Lord: Completed You finish the wolf, leaving him as a smoldering pile of magma rock. However, he did leave you with a name... Orrugan.

Chapter 2 - The Glass WastelandEdit

Smoke and GlassEdit

As you follow Caedron down the cave and out into the open, the landscape changes. What was mostly rock, was now covered by the glass from the lava spills and you try not to cut yourself as you navigate through the glassy terrain. In the distance you see the oddest creatures. Creatures of smoke mixed with the molten glass that seem to be searching for something. They spot you looking at them and run away! Give chase and find out what they were looking for!

Requires: 16 Energy

Rewards: 18 Experience

Smoke and Glass: Completed You chase the creatures until you lose them in a glass cavern.

The Searing MazeEdit

The maze is difficult to navigate since the glass casts reflections upon reflections to confuse your heading. You hear the smoke creatures slowly slipping away. Sir Charton explains the best way to figure out a maze is to do so systematically. This might take a while.

Requires: 17 Energy

Rewards: 19 Experience

The Searing Maze: Completed With the help of both Caedron and Sir Charton, all of you manage to get through the maze.

Orrugan the ScorchedEdit

The woman from the dreams shouts at you, "Fool! I told you to leave! I told you to never come back!" You identify her as Orrugan, and she seethes at the mentioning of her name. "You have no right to know my name! I will kill you not to stop your interference!" She charges at you, blazing with red hot flame.

Requires: 19 Energy

Rewards: 25 Experience, 1900 to 2850 Gold

Orrugan the Scorched: Completed You slam your weapon into Orrugan! She screams in pain and dies almost instantly. Pity, that she wont be able to tell you what her part in this plot was.

Caerdon the BetrayerEdit

Boss fight:Caerdon the Betrayer Caedron reaches the site and jabs a strange looking crystal into the ground. You scream. He turns to you as he orders his Lava Elves to attack. You grip your weapon with grim resolve. You cannot let him corrupt the land with the Blue.

Requires: 25 Energy

Rewards: 23 Experience, Caerdon's Golden Sword 0 / 0 / 13 / 0 / 0

Caerdon the Betrayer: Completed You have stopped the portal from opening, but at what expense?

Cinderscarred Side QuestsEdit

The Burning CrownEdit

Complete x 20

While exploring the Cinderscarred Vale, you learn of a mysterious item called the Burning Crown. This item will bestow great powers, but it has been shattered, its pieces scattered throughout the region. You can attempt to collect the fragments, but doing so requires that you scour the valley and brave its dangers. These pieces may allow you to craft powerful artifacts.

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 9 Experience, 25% chance for a special Ingredient

Rescue a TravelerEdit

Complete x 20

You're not the only traveler in the Cinderscarred Vale, it would seem. Others dare this deadly region, and they need assistance if they are to survive the experience. Will you take the time to make sure they do not succumb to the valley's many dangers?

Requires: 5 Energy

Rewards: 5 Experience, 320 to 480 Gold

Rescue a Traveler: Completed You manage to save the traveler and send them on their way out of the valley. As he thanks you, he promises that he will spread the word of your generosity and skill.

Goblins? Here?Edit

Complete x 20

Some of the goblins from the mountains appear to have followed you. Their crude weapons hunger for vengeance and blood. Though weak, these vicious little brutes swarm in terrifying numbers! Will you take them on?

Requires: 3 Energy

Rewards: 3 Experience

Goblins? Here?: Completed After a tremendous battle, the goblins run off in all directions, screeching in their own foul tongue.

Inferno ImpsEdit

Complete x 20

Tiny fiends plague the Cinderscarred Vale. When an outsider isn't looking, they will start one's boot on fire, create pyrotechnics to spook horses, or burn the straps holding one's backpack on. Ridding the world of these mischievous creatures would be considered a great service by anyone.

Requires: 18 Energy

Rewards: 18 Experience

The Boiling BeastsEdit

Complete x 20

The few sources of water in the Cinderscarred Vale are guarded by elemental spirits, but the sulfur and heat has turned them into creatures of steam and scalding water. To gain access to water, you're going to have to slay one of these boiling beasts. You also might be granted some Shadow Mana along with hydrating your army.

Requires: 15 Energy

Rewards: 15 Experience, 15% chance for a special Ingredient


Chapter 1 - HavenbrushEdit

Face of the EnemyEdit

Smashing a skull beneath your boot, you've manage to stay off the undead forces. This is disconcerting because necromancy is forbidden in many magic circles. This is even stranger since Ushara is a technological city, not a magical one. What has happened to cause this?

Requires: 20 Energy

Rewards: 22 Experience, 2080 to 3120 Gold

Fortify the CampEdit

The camp looks like it could hold off an army of undead. Disaan can finally get to work with the other rebels towards formulating a plan.

Requires: 21 Energy

Rewards: 23 Experience

Hearts and MindsEdit

Complete x 20

The villagers are weary of your suggestion to take up arms against the undead. They believe they're isolated enough that the undead wont want to bother with them. Also, they lack the equipment to effectively fight the undead menace. Supply them with food and weapons to gain support amongst the locals.

Requires: 18 Energy

Rewards: 18 Experience

Facing the Dark CaptainEdit

The Knight cries out one final curse as he is slain and his battalion is defeated. The rebels quickly open the gates soon after and you dart through the city!

Requires: 24 Energy

Rewards: 31 Experience, 2880 to 4320 Gold

Chapter 2 - Dark TempleEdit

Capture the AirshipsEdit

Disaan runs quickly though the city's winding alleyways and streets, so quickly you almost lose her a few times! However you both manage to get to the docks.
It is heavily guarded, but in the chaos, the guards hadn't expected to see a fully outfitted army rushing towards them. Now your ship is ready to set sail.

Requires: 26 Energy

Rewards: 29 Experience

Raiding the TempleEdit

Raiding the temple you feel like you're getting close to the source of the undead! Keep moving forward!

Requires: 28 Energy

Rewards: 31 Experience

Toppling the StatueEdit

Scaring off the cultists, you topple the statue over and smash it into tiny pieces. You slam your weapon against the orb and destroy it. Oddly enough though, the evil presence still clings to your skin and you feel as though the job isn't finished yet.

Requires: 30 Energy

Rewards: 33 Experience

The Undying TwinsEdit

This time the brothers spoke in unison, as if their two minds had become one, "Death will be your sweet release, (name). And we shall feed on your bleeding carcass!" They moved as one unit, darting towards you, screaming in high-pitched voices! Silence them!

Requires: 35 Energy

Rewards: 35 Experience, 5040 to 7560 Gold

Completed text: The undying brothers cursed you as they lay on the ground disassembled. You're quite amazed that they haven't died, or at least become inanimate, but "Undying" seems to be the key word here. As their body parts slowly slunk away, you wonder how in the world will you find this Lich's tomb.

Ushura - Extra QuestsEdit

Gather SuppliesEdit

Complete x 20

Your troops need supplies and equipment. You need to lead a force out to gather food, water, weapons, and armor for your soldiers. While some of this can be accomplished by foraging in the wilderness or buying from locals, some will require raiding enemy storehouses as well.

Requires: 15 Energy

Rewards: 13 Experience, 30% chance for a special equipment

Enemy RaidersEdit

Complete x 20

Dark armies plunder the steam-powered land of Ushura. You see a patrol of well-armored troops about to pillage a nearby village. Intervene and save them!

Requires: 7 Energy

Rewards: 7 Experience, 730 to 1100 Gold

Liberate the PrisonersEdit

Complete x 20

Many of the citizens of Ushura have been placed into prisons and makeshift camps to keep them from causing trouble for the occupying army. Breaking into one of these prisons or camps to free those inside is not only the right thing to do, it will help loosen the enemy's control over the land.

Requires: 25 Energy

Rewards: 25 Experience

Griffon HuntEdit

Complete x 20

Prides of griffons hunt in the wilds of Ushura, preying upon the locals and occasionally attacking your troops. Defeating one of these hungry griffon prides will bring safety to all concerned and possibly providing some useful Light Mana.

Requires: 20 Energy

Rewards: 20 Experience, 15% chance for a special ingredient

Reconstruct MachinesEdit

Complete x 20

The farmers of Ushara use steam-powered machines for farming and transport but with some refurbishing they could be made into war machines.

Requires: 5 Energy

Rewards: 5 Experience, 560 to 840 Gold

The Lich KingEdit

Chapter 1 - Elven SanctuaryEdit

Enter the SanctuaryEdit

You have reached the elven sanctuary. Explore!

Requires: 30 Energy

Rewards: 33 Experience

The Elder's StoryEdit

You have learned of the Lich King's past, and know that it is your destiny to put an end to his horrors.

Requires: 33 Energy

Rewards: 35 Experience, 5016 to 7524 Gold

Chapter 2 - The TombEdit

Dispel the WarlocksEdit

The warlocks have been destroyed, their dark ritual put to an end.

Requires: 35 Energy

Rewards: 46 Experience, 5600 to 8400 Gold

Decipher the GlyphsEdit

The door is now unlocked. Continue onward to find the Lich King. Requires: 39 Energy

Rewards: 45 Experience

Shatter the Orbs of PowerEdit

You destroyed this orb, weakening the Lich King's power. Destroy them all before taking him on!

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 13 Experience, drops Orb Shard on complete

Shatter the Orbs of PowerEdit

You destroyed this orb, weakening the Lich King's power. Destroy them all before taking him on!

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 13 Experience, drops Orb Shard on complete

Shatter the Orbs of PowerEdit

You destroyed this orb, weakening the Lich King's power. Destroy them all before taking him on!

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 13 Experience, drops Orb Shard on complete

Shatter the Orbs of PowerEdit

You destroyed this orb, weakening the Lich King's power. Destroy them all before taking him on!

Requires: 10 Energy

Rewards: 13 Experience, drops Orb Shard on complete

End the Lich King!Edit

The Lich King slowly rises from his resting place and turns his head towards you, screaming his rage. Ready yourself, this is what you came here to do.

The Lich King's orbs of power protect him from harm. Destroy the four orbs before challenging him!

Requires: 45 Energy, 4 Orb Shards

Rewards: 45 Experience, 8280 to 12420 Gold, drops Cursed Harbinger on complete

Uncurse the SwordEdit

The Harbinger has been freed from its terrible curse, returning to its former glory!

Requires: 50 Energy, 3 Ginseng, 1 Cursed Harbinger

Rewards: 65 Experience, drops Blessed Harbinger on complete


Chapter 1 - Skyreach InvestigationsEdit

Skyreach VillageEdit

Complete x 3

The village is completely abandoned. As you rummage around the deserted village, you discover signs of a large scale conflict, but the scars from battle do not reveal who attacked.

Requires: 45 Energy

Rewards: 47 Experience, 2080 to 3120 Gold

Towards the HeavensEdit

With your intuitive skills, and by pressing a lot of buttons on the panel, you manage to get the lift functioning.

Requires: 45 Energy

Rewards: 47 Experience

Skyreach CityEdit

Complete x 3

During your investigation, you spot a blood trail leading from the walls and heading towards a metallic door. With your heart in your throat, you go through the door, expecting anything.

Requires: 47 Energy

Rewards: 50 Experience

Metal Fists of FuryEdit

You manage to stay off the over-sized machines, but more and more keep replacing them!

Requires: 50 Energy

Rewards: 55 Experience

Chapter 2 - The Great EscapeEdit

Rat in a mazeEdit

Complete x 5

You quickly duck under pillars and slip through narrow cracks which soon become obstacles slowing your pursuers. However, the sentinels have not given up the chase.

Requires: 47 Energy

Rewards: 51 Experience

Wall of ScrapsEdit

Complete x 7

The piles of metal serve as a semi-secure fence against the sentinels. You cringe from the sound of metal grinding on metal, as the beastly machines claw their way through your defense.

Requires: 48 Energy

Rewards: 53 Experience

Pipe DreamsEdit

Complete x 3

Legs shaking and heart pounding, you make it across the pipes to a narrow platform leading to a large and dimly lit room. Glancing back, you see your army balancing its way towards you. Further behind your army, the sentinels foolishly start to traverse the pipes. Feeling a devious sort of satisfaction, you watch as the pipes begin to buckle under the weight of the sentinels, causing some of them to fall.

Requires: 48 Energy

Rewards: 53 Experience

Hatchway to HeavenEdit

Leaving scrap metal in your wake, you slide into the maintenance hatch. You have finally and successfully managed to get away from the blood thirsty machines. Now the real question remains. Can you successfully navigate the tunnels?

Requires: 55 Energy

Rewards: 65 Experience

Chapter 3 - Strike BackEdit

One of your very ownEdit

Success! Through hard work and perseverance, you present a fully complete clockwork semi-sentinel to the goblin mechanic.

Requires: 51 Energy, 1 Makeshift Sentinel

Rewards: 56 Experience, 4000 to 5000 Gold

Behind enemy linesEdit

Complete x 5

Your puppet must have successfully turned off the control center because its controls are unresponsive.

Requires: 51 Energy

Rewards: 57 Experience

Last DefenseEdit

The last clockwork guardian makes a whining noise as you rip out it circuits. You call for your army to regroup. Whoever is in the castle would have noticed the battle taking place right at its front door and you have no desire to let him or her get away.

Requires: 52 Energy

Rewards: 58 Experience

The Mighty FallEdit

The machine lies broken on the floor. Wounded, the Baron slowly crawls out of the Titan's cockpit. Part of you is filled with the desire to kill him outright; to be done with the entire problem. But you need him alive to uncover his accomplices. You leave him for the nobles, understanding they will extract all the answers you need.

Requires: 60 Energy

Rewards: 70 Experience, drops Baron's Scepter on complete

Skyreach - Extra QuestsEdit


Complete x 10

Gribby was wrong about being the last person on Skyreach. One of the mechanics managed to avoid detection and is now fleeing the city. Sentinels are hot on his heels-the mechanic will not last long on the streets.

Requires: 26 Energy

Rewards: 28 Experience

Laying BeneathEdit

Complete x 10

Using the maintenance hatch system, you sneak into the junkyards. The lots are abandoned so no one should notice you "helping" yourself to a piece of equipment or two. This will help build Makeshift Sentinels!

Requires: 25 Energy

Rewards: 25 Experience, 35% chance for a special ore or wood

Taking HeatEdit

Complete x 10

Peeking out of the maintenance hatch, you see that the coast is clear of Sentinels. But the machines could come back any minute; you must search the area in a hurry. This will help build Makeshift Sentinels!

Requires: 23 Energy

Rewards: 23 Experience, 35% chance for a special ore or wood

Blind EyeEdit

Complete x 20

Traveling through the tunnels, your eyes are drawn to red sensors on either side of the walls. Take out the sensors so no one can zero in on you location.

Requires: 28 Energy

Rewards: 27 Experience, 700 to 950 Gold

Burn OutEdit

Complete x 15

A Thrusticulator has malfunctioned and threatens to destabilize the entire city! Take Gribby to fix the piece of equipment.

Requires: 30 Energy

Rewards: 33 Experience


Chapter 1 - Follow the Nomad's TrailEdit

Going Down?Edit

Complete x 3

The day is won and Skyreach is yours to claim. However, to your dismay, the inhabitants of Skyreach are still missing and a quick search of the palace reveals no sign of them. The master mechanic beside you, Gribby, concludes that the citizen probably escaped the sentinel attack by using the King's private lift. Since you worry for their safety and have no desire to rule a barren city, you set out to locate the survivors by first seeking out the King's hidden lift.

You locate the King's lift, hidden just behind the palace, and examine the room it rests in. The building is simply lavished in wealth, but also bares signs of an hasty evacuation. You load your army onto the platform and turn to Gribby, who is manning the controls. You ask him to come with you, to which he regretfully declines. Gribby explains that the city needs repairs, or else it will fall out of the sky. He also adds with humor, that Skyreach should be restored for your triumphant return.

Completed: The lift jerks to life and you descend from Skyreach. You shout your thanks to the master mechanic, who salutes quickly in response before returning to his work. You feel a familiar twisting sensation in your stomach as you go lower and you swear you can hear metal creaking in protest against the weight of an entire army. The lift finally rests against the soft earth and you jump out, thanking every immortal in existence that you made it down safely. Now, back on safe and stable ground, you look for any clues that can lead you to the missing survivors.

Requires: 70 Energy

Rewards: 55 Experience, 5000 to 5500 Gold

A Road Less TraveledEdit

Complete x 7

You examine the nearby village and surrounding area to find a trail of footprints and debris leading towards the vast plains of grass, just south of Skyreach. The trail is fresh, but as you follow it, the indentations grow muddled from passing wildlife and weather damage. More then once you need to return to the beginning of the trail, and you find yourself growing irritated at the wasted time retracing your steps.

You finally manage to follow the trail to the southern coasts, where it stops dead in the sandy beaches. You search the area, but find no indication as to where the nobles went after they reached sand. You are left standing alone with a deep seeded fear that the citizens of Skyreach may be gone forever.

Completed: With the trail washed away by the ocean, you have no hope of locating the missing people. You have no idea where they went, or whether or not, they boarded a ship or simply used the beach's ever changing sands to cover their escape. As you stand alone, contemplating your next move, a loud clamor of voices catches your attention. You look off into the distance and see a group of well dressed men approaching. The men are preoccupied a heated argument, and only stop to look at you when you are five feet away.

Requires: 60 Energy

Rewards: 50 Experience, 5000 to 6000 Gold

Unexpected CompanyEdit

Complete x 5

The men who approach you are not Skyreach citizens. Though they wear the garb of nobles, every single one of them has sun-baked skin, tattoos, yellow teeth, and hair that resembled that of a drowned rat. You take one look at these men and know exactly who they are. Pirates have always been a problem near the Skyreach coast, in sea or on land. You demand to know where they had acquired their clothing, to which the thieves fall silent before reaching for their cutlasses.

The sandy beaches now run red with the blood pirates and you start to search the bodies. Though you are almost certain that the clothing came from the Skyreach nobles, none of the bodies has any indication as to where the pirates came from or where the nobles are. Luckily, you notice one of the pirates shifting slightly on the sand, breathing but desperately trying to seem like his dead brethren. You give him a light kick and he yelps in surprise.

Completed: You haul the lone survivor off the ground and he stumbles to his feet. He roughly pushes you away and begins cursing you in every way possible, insulting your love life and even questioning your parentage. You grab the front of his shirt and demand to know where he and his fellows found the clothing, but he tells you nothing. The pirate only continues to shout at you and shows no signs of slowing his verbal assault.

Requires: 75 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience, 6000 to 7500 Gold

Live Men Tell TalesEdit

Complete x 7

The surviving pirate continues to scream obscenities at you, and you feel your patience waning. This man is your only lead to the missing people of Skyreach, and you desperately fight the urge to simply punch the screaming idiot into unconsciousness to silence his ranting. Instead, you force the pirate to sit down and pull out your hefty bag of gold. His eyes widen and you know it is just a matter of time before he tells you everything. {C}The yellow light of gold reflects off the pirate's face as he tells you everything from his family secrets to the location of a hidden base called Pirate's Cove. This catches your attention and the man proceeds to give you rather detailed instructions to its location. Once he is finished, you toss him more gold and ask for the location of the Skyreach nobles. The pirate pockets the gold, tells you that only the Captain would know and he is at the Cove.

Completed: You take a breath, again fighting the desire to wring the pirate's neck, and ask two simple questions. What happened to the nobles, and why would only the Captain know their location? The pirate fiddles with gold coins you gave him and confesses that the nobles were sold to some Sorcerer on a far-off island. Seeing the anger on your face, the panicking pirate quickly reveals that the Captain keeps the Sorcerer's location a secret to everyone except his most trusted crewmen!

Requires: 70 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience

A Little SurpriseEdit

Complete x 3

You approach the secret entrance to the Pirate's Cove and freeze in your tracks a moment before jumping into the nearby bushes. At the opening of the cove sits an enormous beast: a minotaur. Its face and body are both ugly and malformed, as if it were beaten with boulders daily. The thing shifts its weight and stands, sniffing the air. Within a few breathless seconds, it lets out a terrible growl and pulls out a blood-stained ax. It looks right at your hiding place and growls in challenge. You unleash a mighty swing and knock the beast off its feet. The minotaur cries out in pain before kicking you in the chest and straight into the bushes. You scramble to your feet, enraged, but stop when you notice the beast clutching its head, crying. Unbelievable. All it took to defeat the minotaur was a light hit to the skull. As the beast wails in sorrow, you try to inch your way past, only to run into a man standing in your way.

Completed: The pirate that stands before you is different than the previous scum. While he looks just as ragged and rough as the others you defeated, he has an air of authority about him. He glances at the minotaur and then back at you, his face twisted in contemplation. Finally he speaks, "I'm First Mate Morgan. Ya here for the nobles?" You nod and he jerks his head toward the tunnel, "Captain's this way. He will give ya the skinny of it." He travels into the cove and you hesitantly follow, keeping a hand close to your weapon.

Requires: 80 Energy

Rewards: 70 Experience, 1 x The Cook (on complete; 250 power, 600 life, 20% critical strike chance)

The Good CaptainEdit

Complete x 3

Morgan leads you into the damp tunnels of Pirate's Cove and heads through a side passage. There, sitting in the middle of a room littered with rum bottles, is the infamous Captain Blood Beard, the Scurviest Dog of the Seas. You cannot help but stare at his red crow's nest of a beard. He growls, "You're here for those fancy nobles, eh? Why else would ya be here?" He gestures for you to sit. "Now rest your feet and let me tell you a tale of betrayal and woe."

Captain Blood Beard explains that this whole situation started with a Sorcerer. The Sorcerer had hired the Captain to bring in slaves and paid him handsomely for his trouble. Blood Beard assures you that he only transported criminals, until the last shipment. The cargo looked too nice, and the Captain demanded to know where they came from. When his crew admitted the people were from Skyreach, Blood Beard refused to sell the lot. The crew then mutinied, and were lead by one of Blood Beard's most.

Completed: "Mr. Billick," growls the Captain. "Never was there more sorry a man than that sodding piece of work! Not enough that he stole me crew, he stole me bloody ship! My beautiful lady of the sea! My Dawn Maiden. I may be a dog but even I won't deprive a man of his ship!" He sighs in lament. "Only two men stuck by me. Me first mate and the cook." He looks at you with a slight bit of hope. "But you can help me. Here's the deal. You help me reclaim my ship, and I'll take ya to the Sorcerer and your precious nobles. Do we have an accord?"

Requires: 75 Energy

Rewards: 65 Experience

The Plan of AttackEdit

Complete x 5

Holding Captain Blood Beard to his word, you agree to help him in exchange for the location of the nobles. The three of you collaborate on a plan and settle on an ambush. For it to work, you need to lead your army through the caverns of the Pirate's Cove and hide in the main chamber without detection. Then, when the pirates are thoroughly drunk, Morgan will signal you. Your assault should be met with little resistance. "It could work," you hope to yourself as you lead your forces into the caves.

You cautiously make your way through the Pirate's Cove. Luck is with you, as the pirate patrols seem more interested in the next swig of grog than in finding intruders. You reach the main chamber and settle into a nearby alcove that gives you a perfect view of the area. With nothing else to do, you wait for the signal fire.

Completed: The alcove you have taken refuge in gives you the best chance to take in the lay of the area. To the left of the chamber you can see Captain Blood Beard's pride and joy, the Dawn Maiden, floating in a makeshift harbor. To the right, you can see the treacherous crew of Mr. Billick, laughing and having a grand old time. In the back of the chamber, you see a number of tunnels as well as a heavy oak door that most likely leads to the Captain's quarters. Movement catches your eyes, and you see Blood Beard's first mate strutting across the chamber toward the torches.

Requires: 80 Energy

Rewards: 65 Experience, 6000 to 7500 Gold

Chapter 2 - The Dawn MaidenEdit


Complete x 10

With the signal fire lit, one scream of challenge joins another as you and your army leap from your hiding places and charge into the unsuspecting sods. The drunken pirates yelp in surprise and reach, clumsily, for their cutlasses. Your forces slam into the pirate crew, but to their credit, the salty dogs recover quickly and mount a formidable defense.

The band of pirates seems almost endless now and they continue to put up a good defense against your attack. The game changes, however, when the malformed minotaur from the entrance storms in. He takes one look at the scene before charging in to dispatch the pirates with glee. The First Mate catches your startled look and smiles. "That be the Captain's cook!" he explains, before returning back to battle.

Completed: As you go from man to man, dispatching pirates with a quick swing of your weapon, you are halted by Captain Blood Beard. With a hand on your arm, he shouts above the chaotic roar of battle that you both need to find Mr. Billick before he runs away like a coward! You are hesitant to leave your army, but with First Mate Morgan and the beast assisting them, you nod in agreement and follow the Captain.

Requires: 85 Energy

Rewards: 50 Experience, 7500 to 8300 Gold

Defeat the Naga BodyguardsEdit

Complete x 5

Captain Blood Beard leads you away from the raging battle and toward the Captain's quarters. The main door is locked, but you quickly rectify that problem with a swift kick. The door flies open and inside, to your disappointment, is a swarm of bloodthirsty naga! The room's floor practically slithers as the snakelike creatures focus on you and move to strike with poisoned weapons.

The last of the naga lays twitching on the floor as you wipe your weapon free of their sticky, purple blood. Neither you nor Captain Blood Beard take a moment's rest before running out of the room in search of Mr. Billick. "I need to find that sodding traitor!" screams the Captain in a blind rage. You scan the area and notice the Dawn Maiden pulling away from the harbor.

Completed: Blood Beard almost spits fire as he shouts at the top of his lungs, "HE'S TAKING MY SHIP AGAIN!" He points and runs toward the docks. With the ship too far away to swim to, you physically restrain the Captain from diving in and going after the retreating boat. He pulls himself free of your grasp and continues to shout, "DON'T JUST HOLD ME BACK! DO SOMETHING!"

Requires: 85 Energy

Rewards: 65 Experience, 8000 to 8500 Gold

A Foolish GambleEdit

Complete x 5

With no way to stop the ship, you go for the next best thing. You abandon the Captain on the pier and grab a hook with a long line of rope from one of the slain pirates. You sprint to the upper level of the docks toward the fleeing ship. You begin winding up the hook, knowing you have only one shot at this working!

You release the hook and it latches securely to the ship's center mast. Taking in a shallow breath, you jump off the upper level of the docks and swing toward the retreating Dawn Maiden. You scream slightly during the death-defying stunt and manage to land onto the ship's wooden deck, mostly unharmed. You glance at the ship's wheel and see a little man working very hard to escape-Mr. Billick.

Completed: You glance to the side of the ship and see an anchor resting on the deck. With not a second to lose, you drop the massive weight overboard and force the ship to jerk to a stop. Mr. Billick looks up in surprise and glares at the only other occupant of the ship. He steps away from the wheel with a hand on his sword and walks toward you with red eyes.

Requires: 80 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience

A Duel to the DeathEdit

Complete x 1

Mr. Billick walks toward you with reddened eyes. He snarls in rage, "You have ruined everything! You bloody landlubber!" He pulls out his cutlass, lowers into a fighting stance, and says, "I have not fought this hard to have MY ship taken by some washed-up sailor and his lackey!" You pull out your weapon, knowing that this battle will only end in death.

You parry Mr. Billick's strikes and end the duel by stabbing him right through the belly. He wheezes in shock and looks at you with wide eyes. "I do not deserve this!" he gasps in pain as his face grows pale from blood loss. You kick him over the side of the ship and into the salty waters below. Mr. Billick quickly sinks to a watery grave and you turn toward the docks to see your army cheering in victory.

Completed: With the Dawn Maiden back in the docks, Captain Blood Beard marches to you and embraces you in a tight hug. He bellows happily, "Ya did it! My sweet Maiden is mine again!" You wheeze to him that you need to breathe and he releases you. "Well friend, it's time for me to keep my end of the bargain!" He turns to your men and shouts, "Men! Let's get some nobles!" He runs to the ship with a spring in his step, and your soldiers just look at you with confusion. You merely shrug with amusement and follow. According to the Captain, next stop is a desert island that is home to minotaurs and a Sorcerer.

Requires: 90 Energy

Rewards: 100 Experience, Billick's Sabre (Champ Item (Weapon), Damage: 45 | Protection: 65 | Special: +25 power)


Scalesong Village

Scalesong VillageEdit

Scalesong Village ia a safe haven between travels. Its' marketplace is also a one-stop-shop for hunting, fishing, and gathering of herbs. Sell your furs and trout here for some extra cash.

Sell Rabbit Fur

Requirements-1 Rabbit Fur

Rewards - 1 exp point and 450 gold

Sell Trout

Requirements- 1 Trout

Rewards - 1 exp point and 315 gold

Hunt for Rabbits

Requirements - 2 Energy

Rewards - 50% chance of acquiring Rabbit Fur

Fish For Trout

Requirements - 2 Energy

Rewards - 80% chance of acquiring Trout

Search For White Sage

Requirements - 15 Energy

Rewards - 15 exp and 20% chance of acquiring White Sage

Search For Ginseng

Requirements - 12 Energy

Rewards - 11 exp and 25% chance of acquiring Ginseng

The TowersEdit

Monster ChallengeEdit

Goblin HordeEdit

As you round a corner in the Thrane fortress, you come face-to-face with a gang of goblins, which certainly must have come through one of the rifts that Elexa spoke of! Fight them off and find the portal they came through!

Requires: 40 Energy

Rewards: 40 Experience, 7360 to 11040 Gold

Defend Yourself!Edit

Following the tracks of the goblins, you wind your way through the many passages of the Thrane fortress. As you continue, you start to notice new tracks in the dust, ones that look larger than that of goblins. Just as you are puzzling out what made these tracks, something leaps at you from behind!

Requires: 45 Energy

Rewards: 45 Experience, 9180 to 13770 Gold

Orcs AttackEdit

Continuing on your hunt for the rift, you swear not to be taken by surprise again. This time, you are ready when accosted by monsters. Even though your soldiers are terrified by this new orc menace, they fight on in your name!

Requires: 50 Energy

Rewards: 50 Experience, 11200 to 16800 Gold

Defeat the OgresEdit

The ground shakes. You have felt the same vibration before, but this time there are more of them. One ogre was bad enough. Can you defeat several of them at once?

Requires: 55 Energy

Rewards: 55 Experience, 13420 to 20130 Gold

Close the RiftEdit

"So, (name), you have come all the way to me. I will not let you close this rift! My armies shall wash over the face of this world!"
This is all that stands between you and the rift.
Defeat him and stop his army from flooding into this world!

Requires: 60 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience, 15840 to 23760 Gold, 1 Meteorite Hammer

Fire ChallengeEdit

Fiery Wolf PackEdit

From deeper in the crystal towers, you hear rumbling and growling. As you make your way to the source of the noise, determined to seek out the creatures that are trying to break through the portals, you feel an intense heat.
Lava wolves! An entire pack of them moves as one, surrounding you, then launching their attack!

Requires: 50 Energy

Rewards: 50 Experience, 11200 to 16800 Gold

Lava TitansEdit

Your next foe approaches, alerted by the baying howls of the fire wolves. These towering lava titans do not fear you, and their fearsome assault will be awesome to behold.

Requires: 55 Energy

Rewards: 55 Experience, 13420 to 20130 Gold

Inferno ElementalEdit

"Ssso, (name)... you have defeated my wolves and my maidens, but you shall not defeat me! My flames will consume you as they will all the land!"

Requires: 60 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience, 15840 to 23760 Gold, 1 Exalted Armor of Light

Undead ChallengeEdit

Skeletal AssaultEdit

Rifts seem to be opening in every corner of the Thrane fortress. Undead now swarm at you, slashing at your flesh with their swords and grasping at you with bony hands.

Requires: 60 Energy

Rewards: 60 Experience, 15840 to 23760 Gold

Charging AdvanceEdit

A mob of undead soldiers clamor as they charge as one, bones rattling against steel!

Requires: 65 Energy

Rewards: 65 Experience, 18460 to 27690 Gold

Undead HordeEdit

Armed and armored, dark warriors stand before you, their green-glowing eyes giving away their undead natures. As you approach, their voices echo in unison.
"Your life essence is ours, mortal. You are upsetting the plans of our master, and now you will suffer the wrath of the undead horde!"

Requires: 70 Energy

Rewards: 70 Experience, 21280 to 31920 Gold

Sorcerous ThreatEdit

A heavy door, and from beneath it shines radiant light, sure to emanate from one of the rifts. However, you have another obstruction. Two undead sorcerers bar your way, smiling ghoulishly at the thought of destroying you.

Requires: 75 Energy

Rewards: 75 Experience, 24300 to 36450 Gold

Undead ChallengeEdit

"Come, (name), let us battle. You will not find my personal guard as easy to defeat as my minions! No mortal poses a threat to me!"

Requires: 80 Energy

Rewards: 80 Experience, 27520 to 41280 Gold, 1 Death Rune

Frost ChallengeEdit

The Portal OpensEdit

As you enter the fourth tower of the Thrane fortress a chilling mist envelops you. Distant screams grow louder and louder until a rift opens before your feet, unveiling an army of Frost Devil Minions from the Kranen Mountains!

Requires: 80 Energy

Rewards: 80 Experience, 33920 to 50880 Gold

Viking AttackEdit

You journey ahead, climbing up to the second floor of the tower. A thunderous clap followed by a blinding light briefly stops you in your tracks. As your eyes readjust, you begin to make out a Blood Axe Viking and his yeti army advancing towards you.

Requires: 85 Energy

Rewards: 85 Experience, 37740 to 56610 Gold

A Chilling WindEdit

A chilling gale force wind pummels you as you ascend ever higher. Upon entering the next area of the tower a Thunderhammer Viking and his army charge through an open portal, seeking revenge for their fallen comrade.

Requires: 90 Energy

Rewards: 90 Experience, 41760 to 62640 Gold

Eye of the StormEdit

Through howling winds, you hear the distinct roars of frost goliaths. While you are almost to the top of the tower, you are moving much slower now, weighed down by massive ice crystals forming on your gear. You must make haste if you are to have any chance of defeating them.

Requires: 95 Energy

Rewards: 95 Experience, 45980 to 68970 Gold

Final FightEdit

A portal forms against the side of the tower, unleashing a mighty blizzard which tears off the roof. Ice and snow burst the walls of the room. You unsheathe your weapon as another portal appears, delivering a massive army of Frost Devil Masters. Surely tales will be written of the battle to come!

Requires: 100 Energy

Rewards: 100 Experience, 27520 to 41280 Gold, 1 Gravitas

Giant ChallengeEdit

Two-Headed MonstrositiesEdit

As you approach the portal room, a loud cracking sound filled the area and the portal suddenly tears open right in front of you. Ettins came bellowing out of the rift, both heads roaring in rage, and heading straight towards you.

Requires: 100 Energy

Rewards: 100 Experience, 50000 to 75000 Gold

Dogs of WarEdit

Finishing with the first wave, you are alerted with sounds of barking and howling. Hounds of Cerberus and of Mictlan leap out of the rift, teeth and claws at the ready for any prey. Show them their mistake entering the portal.

Requires: 120 Energy

Rewards: 120 Experience, 60000 to 80000 Gold

Guardians of the TreesEdit

An arrow whizzes past you, just a hair's width away from your head. Turning around, you see centaurs galloping towards you with monstrous Ents following right behind them. "Kill the weaklings!" The Ents bellow as they throw boulders and other large objects in your direction.

Requires: 130 Energy

Rewards: 130 Experience, 65000 to 85000 Gold

Dragons RebornEdit

With the evil Ents and their centaur cohorts slain, you feel as if the worse is over. That is until you see several huge masses heading towards you. Your blood freezes as you see a hoard of dragons charging you and your men. You rally your men and stand fast as Blood and Cerulean Dragons stalk towards you.

Requires: 140 Energy

Rewards: 140 Experience, 75000 to 95000 Gold

Faction FeatEdit

A enormous snout stills your charge as even larger dragons slide out of the rift, maws gaping wide with sharp teeth. Behind it, multiple Phoenixes make the heat in the room unbearable. Lastly, as if the situation was not bad enough, Griffins claw their way out, baring sharp beaks and lethal looking claws. Your men cower but you refuse to retreat, yelling at them to hold their ground.

Requires: 150 Energy

Rewards: 150 Experience, 100000 to 105000 Gold, 1 Cerulean Dragon

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