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hii Edit

How can i reset my acount?! im wanna star new..


well you can't really but if you can get in contact with the company and plea them to reset your character they might :)

Go to MARKET and scroll to down, look for ONE TIME RESET

Why reset just change your name

battle Edit

Every time I go to battle I get as far as giving orders then Nothing!! no battle scenes, nothing I updated my flash player, still nothing, what gives? there is a box at the top right on the battle screen before you battle check that, but it is a lot faster with out the effects

hello!!is it possible for me to purchase a crystal thru cast payments?yhanks!!more power.

Blue crystals Edit

Im hoping that you guys maybe would consider being able to transfer extra gold that you may have into crystals and vice versa. like maybe Ten thousand gold for a blue crystal making another less costly way of getting them. Cause i find it bull that ive spent many hours and dollars on this game but some can drop 200 bucks and instantly get in the top fifty! can't change gold for crystals or visa versa u either have to buy or earn your crystals and you have earn your gold Good luck don't believe it can be done nor do I think anyone would be able to exchange with you either rich mans game on that part it goes quick and you don't even realize that you spend it until you need the cash for other bills or something else

This is a good idea. And $200 will no tget you in the top 50. Our guild cacluated BC cost of items for the top 20. An Average of $8 thousand dollars plus for the items they held. Yes, thats 8 THOUSAND. Honestly, I really think a trip to Disney World would have been a better choice.

Looking for more allies Edit

Hey if you are having trouble finding allies for this game hit me up and i will accept you . My friends don't want to play this and i play every day. My name is Jeremy Crocie .Add me as a friend and i'll be your allie. I am a level 52 and have a pretty powerful army . I just having some problems finding allies.


the most food you can buy is 750 X 8= 6000. This means you can have about 550 to 600 warriors. There are players that have 700 to 800 warriors. How do they feed them?

They have a lot of special troops, like high elf lieutenant for example, that don't cost food.

After Level 100 you will not be able to win, at all without having at least 10 BC troops and the same amount of weapons - these will be useless unless you have advisors. PLan on about $100 minimum in BC's if you want to keep playing.

Guild page? Edit

I wondered why there is no guild page on the wiki,

Also how is the battle score calculated.


army Edit

i have 500 minotaurs my max with max food, i've seen others players with as many as 600 minotaurs how does this happen? Jfog 21:30, January 1, 2011 (UTC) don't know, but I believe that they may have different ones than you with less power

u have 2 build more orchards 2 feed troops

Which is better Minatours, Humans, or Elfs for army?? Any Suggestions? Edit

does anyone know which of these are better or does anyone know of a good combination for a good army?

From what I've read, Human > Elf. Elf > Minatour. Minatour > Human. I guess the game tries to have some sort of balance or else everyone would just zerg Minatours all day. paper rock and scissors take your pick and read which one works with the other on the lower end so you do not mix up your collection and have to exchange them later on that's my way of looking at it and have read the paper rock scissor thing before in here actually pooping is pretty fun and way better than all three so just get some turd soldiers and you'll be set!

allies? Edit

Hey I am having an impossible time getting good allies that will send equipment back all they want is what they ask for so i am looking for honerable allies only if you ask you shall recieve maybe not at that second, but you should be able to recieve. I also would like to find allies who would join my guild that I am starting ATON (Guild Destroyers) All guild members will be allies with each other working together in the guild and we all work together as a team not just stabing each other in the back. Everyone has to work as a team and has to realize it does take time to get your equipment and will be going on raids together. If there is a problem with that, then you don't have to join. If you have other allies other than what is in the guild that is fine just keep in mind if you are in the guild you will be concidered an allie and guild members will not be allowed to attack each other. All takers contact me by personal msg. on face book to become allies or in my guild so you may be able to send and recieve your gifts and not be excluded in getting your equipment and you will be required to send gifts as well not just energy/stamina (Terry Kelley) and we can go from there, just realize it also takes time to get to the other levels and don't worry we all will get there and will have to deal with some obstacles alone just keep on working as a team when necessary and be aware that some have different work schedules and some may be from different countries and time zones just be patient in getting what you need and have fun. .

Needing AlliesEdit

Looking for some good allies to add, Just started playin recently, am a level 31 but I play everyday. Looking for allies that will send stuff & help with raids as I will do the same for them, only searious players wanted so if ur intrested send me a add request my name is Don Deck & I will add u.Jessed 8810 22:25, February 12, 2011 (UTC)

How can one increase Energy? I am at 14 but need to be 15 for the next stage...what do I do? I am following the book at present having only just started?

Wanted serious guild members for The Dark Hoard ............ everyday players would bee good level 100 preferably

Adding warriors Edit

I think you guys should add the ghost captain pirate and some other warrior back to the game so people can buy them and you should do something like this---------

once a month u should put the special units that were sold that month in a tier or something for a day and who ever buys gets the unit

Hi I need allies as well I am a level 75 and play the game everyday my friends do not play so I am stuck Please Help my name is Ted hardy just put AOC in message if you need a ally

need help Edit

My name is ted hardy I play AOC everyday but my fiends do not I need help to move forward please add me and I will add to any team thanks

cock where do I find the cursed harbinger Edit

I have looked every where for this sword...please help me

i think that this game should seperate the people who pay and the fully free plaers, bc people who pay hae a distinct advantage.

How many players on age of champions? anyone know?

Cheers :)

how do i view my allies.. Edit

hey.... i cant understand how do i view my allies... plz som1 help me out on this. i see diffrent animals n players ive never seen b4 don kno wer they come frm...

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