The Book of Tutorials is the first book unlocked in the game.

Chapter 1: QuestingEdit

Goblin Ambushes
Psychic Worms
Baron's Castle
The Crystal Dredge
Lord Xaxom

Chapter 2: Gather your ArmyEdit

Train Humans
Train Elves
Train Minotaurs
Test your Soldiers

Equip your ArmyEdit

Train Weaponry
Train Parrying
Train Wearing Armor
Test Fighting Prowess

Chapter 3: CraftingEdit

Craft a Poisoned BladeEdit

Mine for Ore
Collect Nightshade
Get Iron Sword Shards

Extra: Verge WildernessEdit

Dread Ravens
Downed Airship
The Minotaur Nomads
Hunt within the Mist
Seek Out a Ruin
Steam Engine

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