Chapter 1: Elven SanctuaryEdit

Long ago, the kingdom was ruled by a glorious king. The king was so just he was blessed by the Immortals.
He was given three gifts by the Immortals: The Orb of Power, Eternal Life, and the Blessed Harbringer.
The king was drunk with power and desired more. He attempted to amplify the powers of the Orb and Sword but ended up corrupting himself.
He now resides locked away forever in his Tomb never to cause harm again.

Enter the Sanctuary
The Elder's Story

Chapter 2: The TombEdit

The stale and dead air radiates from the cliffs holding the tomb entrance. Your heart pounds harder and harder as you near closer.
Not even the Ravens dare to circle these parts. You anticipate the skeletons lying on the ground to spring to life and attack you. But these piles of bones lay as still as the wind.
You have come for a purpose; you have come on a mission: end the Lich King once and for all!

Enter the Tomb

You have done Ushura and the Elven Sanctuary a great service. The Lich King has been forever banished from this world. No more will the undead harm these lands.
The remaining skeletons and ghouls and necromantic cults are being driven out of Ushura.
There is one last thing you must do before you leave. With the Blessed Harbringer at your side, the Immortals will smile down upon you.

Uncurse the Sword

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